Roadrunner Email Is Not Working With Outlook

Roadrunner email is managed by Time Warner Cable and offers an easier way of exchanging emails. The webmail offers various features that keep it different from all other emails.

However, like other email services, users of Roadrunner may face technical errors and problems that obstruct the workflow. Therefore, if you are using a Roadrunner account and facing issues then you can avoid them by switching to Outlook. Many users at times may combine both emails to access them in one place. If you have set up your Roadrunner account on Outlook, then you don’t need to log in to the former. There can be times when you may find that your RR email is not working with Outlook.

In this article, we will tell you how to overcome all the issues if your roadrunner email is not working with Outlook.

What to do When Roadrunner Email is not Working with Outlook?

  1. Check if Roadrunner Server is Stable: If you notice an issue with Roadrunner, then you must check whether the server is facing an outage. Sometimes, servers may go down and then you may not be able to use the feature properly. If you find that you are unable to send and receive emails, then check if the server is stable or not. Roadrunner (RR) is managed by Spectrum, you need to see whether the services are properly managed or not.
  2. Make Sure That your Network is Connected: The other important thing is to see if the internet you are using has access to the roadrunner emails. Mostly, we don’t notice that servers are down and we are under the illusion of not getting emails. Be sure that check the internet speed, and if it goes down then switch to another network.
  3. Assess configuration: When setting up Roadrunner in Outlook, make sure to enter the settings of roadrunner email on Outlook else it will not work that way. It is important to check server settings if you are setting any account on a third-party client. Mentioned below are some of the important server settings in RR that you should enter to access Outlook easily.
  4. Reconfigure the RR account: The next step is to resolve the issues with the RR email by re-configuring the account by first removing it. For deleting the account from Outlook:
  • Visit the‘ Files’ section in Outlook
  • Select ‘Account Settings’
  • Select ‘Manage profile’
  • Click on ‘Show profile’ and then select RR account
  • Right-click on the account and select ‘Remove’

After removing the account, you need to re-add by using the server settings listed above. Once the roadrunner account has been set up in Outlook then these issues can be fixed.

  1. Run Outlook in Safe Mode: If you are using Outlook in safe mode, some add-ons may intervene and this may affect the working in Outlook. You may find that the RR account is not working. To resolve this issue, you may open Outlook in safe mode.

Try the steps given below:

  • Press Windows+R at the same time then a Windows Run Dialog will appear on the screen
  • Write safe mode/Outlook in the option and then hit the ‘Enter’ key
  • This will run the Outlook on safe mode
  • Try using the RR account in Outlook and check if the issue is resolved
  1. Use IMAP: If we talk about IMAP and POP3, then the former is more flexible when it is to the synchronization of emails. Other than this, the feature of the IMAP server is considered to be more effective. If you have configured your RR account using POP, then you should switch to IMAP.

Steps to Add Roadrunner on Outlook

1. Save the software on Windows

2. Write login details and mention IMAP incoming server as Click on login

3. Enable the mailboxes that are needed

4. Select PST as an option to save files.

5. Click on backup. The process to shift emails from RR to Outlook

Move Data from various Roadrunner Accounts:- The software allows to shift Roadrunner email to Outlook. You need to enable IMAP and fill in all email details in the CSV file.

Free Trial – You can see the software’s efficiency by using it in the trial version as it is free of cost.

Transfer Emails selectively:- If you want to transfer some data then you should use the data filter. It has options such as email, date range, subject, etc.


With the above-mentioned steps, you can resolve the issues if the Roadrunner email is not working with Outlook. If you are not able to solve this then you may reach out to the technical support team of Roadrunner email.

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