What To Do If The Roadrunner Mail Is Down?

I personally have been using Roadrunner’s services for a long time now and I have no complaints. I won’t deny that I do have my own share of problems at times but that is something that we all face while using any email service provider. In this article, I want to cover some important elements that you would need to if roadrunner mail is down

Possible reasons why roadrunner mail is down

We all know that ever since its launch in 1995, Roadrunner is known for its email services. Within a short span, the company managed to become one of the most loved email service providers that users could consider. No Doubt just like any other service provider, even RoadRunner has its own share of problems, but overall, there is really nothing to complain about. Before troubleshooting to understand what, the real issue could be due to which the roadrunner mail is down, I always do a mandatory check to help me understand things better and why I am facing a particular issue. The things I check include

  • Problem with the server due to which I am not able to send or receive mails
  • Make sure the internet signal strength is good
  • The browser may be loaded with unnecessary files, cookies, and cache
  • The internet settings and email settings are incomplete or incorrect
  • Firewalls and Antivirus software create problems
  • There is a problem with the RAM due to which you cannot connect to your email account.

Troubleshooting steps to follow if roadrunner mail is down

  • Roadrunner server status

The first thing I do is make sure that the Roadrunner server is working properly by logging on and checking the server status. If by chance the server is down, I wait it out and complete some other work till then. Once the server is up then I start responding to all the emails. I also have a habit to note down what all work and response needs to be given so that I can work offline as well.

  • Internet connection status

I also recheck my internet connection by restarting both the devices when roadrunner mail is down. Apart from that I also ensure that I pay my bills on time so that I have an active connection. If I still face any issues, I call up customer service to check if the server is down or not as well as to reverify if I have the correct settings. If the problem is with the internet, the company sends someone to my house to check the cables and repair them accordingly.  

  • Browser status

Another thing that I do when roadrunner mail is down is to check the browser or email app that I am using. There are times when I have noticed that the browser does not get updated automatically. In such cases, I do a manual update and then try to sign in to my roadrunner account once again. I also delete all the temporary files, cookies, and cache to make some more space.

  • Storage space issues

The storage space is another issue that can prevent things from happening. Now in the storage space part, I check two important things, the first being that I delete any unnecessary files and documents that are taking up space. The second thing is to check the apps or programs that I feel are no longer useful to me. This step helps me to keep a track of what I really need and also helps me to optimize the overall functioning of my device.

  • Temporary disabling antivirus and firewalls

Lastly, I always check the antivirus and firewalls installed on my device. I am aware that sometimes these sorts of security systems create issues and they could also be the reason why roadrunner mail is down. I deactivate these systems first and try to log in, if that helps me out it’s good otherwise, I then move on to the troubleshooting steps.

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