AOL Not Working With Outlook

A user can work on both Outlook and AOL together if they know how to import AOL emails into Outlook. This is possible by setting up AOL in Outlook using IMAP or POP3. But, Outlook sometimes gives AOL not working with outlook issues in working that disturbs the users. Hence, users are always looking for ways to solve the AOL not working outlook problems through different methods. It is a quite common issue that is faced by AOL users when they switch to Outlook. Although, both email clients have their respective user bases. But, MS Outlook is better than AOL if we talk about the features it offers. It allows the users to move from AOL to Outlook, and hence they experience this problem.

Both AOL and Outlook use IMAP server for transmission of email as it gets easy for the users to configure AOL into Outlook. This problem of synchronization between these two causes AOL not to work with the Outlook issue.

If you are looking for ways to resolve this error, then this article is for you. Here, we tell you all the possible solutions that will help you in solving this issue. 

Why AOL not working with Outlook Issue Occurs?

There are various reasons that do not allow AOL email to work with Outlook. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

  • With the help of cloud, AOL is able to store all its data. In case of an issue with the AOL server, the email can show errors, one of them is AOL not working with Outlook issue.
  • Writing wrong password or username while setting up the AOL account with Outlook can be the cause for this issue.
  • A poor internet connection can cause this error as it affects the services of Outlook and stops transmitting emails.
  • This issue is also caused due to faulty add-ins and plug-ins can also be behind the cause of this issue.
  • Sometimes, virus can cause damage to the data and corrupts them. Due to this, it causes errors and affects the functioning of Outlook.
  • An issue in synchronization issue between AOL and Outlook can be the reason for this issue. It can occur due to some flaw in the server settings.

All the mentioned-above reasons causes the AOL not working with Outlook issue. You need consider few things in mind to avoid causing the error. Moreover, follow the below methods to avoid this issue.

How to Fix The Issue – ‘AOL not working in Outlook’ Issue

It is obvious that performing exact steps to resolve an issue is important. Still, the user must try to look for troubleshooting issues. They are as follows:

  • Use proper login details to access AOL in MS Outlook
  • Be sure that your internet is stable
  • Check for the space and size in Outlook before configuration takes place.
  • The problem is common for everyone. there may be a service outage in any area .
  • Be sure you are using an updated and user-friendly web browser.
  • If AOL is taking time to load, you can clear the cookies and cache from the web.

After following the above-mentioned steps, if you are facing AOL Outlook email problems. There is another solution to resolve all AOL issues with Outlook. You can avoid this problem by using reliable third-party software. AOL Webmail Archive tool is one such tool that will give you the result. This tool enables fixing AOL email that stops working in Outlook in an easy way. It gives a quick solution to solve AOL issues with Outlook. You need to save the utility and offer the right login details of the AOL account.

Then, the user can convert all the data of the AOL account to other formats like EML, MBOX, and PDF. It does not cause any size limit of data during the change. With this, after changing data into PST, users can access all emails in Outlook easily. This software is capable enough to convert email along with attachments in a few easy steps.

To Sum Up!

AOL users try to look for query such as ‘AOL not working in Outlook’. So, here we have provided the easy solutions to avoid this problem. To use AOL emails in Outlook, users need to perform corrective measures and look for the basic measures listed above. There is a tool known as AOL Webmail Archive tool that helps in converting AOL data into file format that can be easy to use in Outlook. This tool gives a quick solution for all AOL Outlook email issues.

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