Is Your AT&T Email Not Working On Iphone? With The Help Of These Guided Steps You Can Overcome This Issue

AT&T is a popular email service provider with a large user base. Other than having advanced features, ATT email is able to configure with any gadget or third-party email program. It is possible to set up email on iPhone, Android, and other operating systems. But, often iPhone users object to problems like ATT email not working on iPhone. If you are facing the same problem, then this guide is for you.

If you have enough work on ATT email, but if it is not working, then there may be some technical issue. You must look after the issue and should work on it. Listed below are some of the answers as to how you can solve this issue.

  1. Check AT&T email settings: A smooth internet connection is required for your AT&T email services on your iPhone. Thus, check the internet and make sure it is working uninterrupted. Another way to solve the internet issue is by switching on flight mode and then switching it again after a while.
  2. Restart your device: This is one of the old ways that still work most of the time. Switch off your phone for some time and wait for it. Now, restart it. It is now possible to access your AT&T email to see if it has been sorted.
  3. Check configuration settings: You are likely to run into a problem in which AT&T email may not be working on iPhone due to some errors in configuration settings. So, check whether your AT&T email account is configured properly on your device. Check the IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 server settings to be sure everything at place. In case of another problem, remove your AT&T email account and add it again to your iPhone.
  4. Revise your browser: There can be chances that the browser you are using for AT&T email is not of the latest version. You must look for any other updates and if there are any, click on them and update them.

5. Get a safe mail key: A security up-gradation is required for AT&T email. If you are using Apple Mail or Mac with macOS 10.10 or an older version, you are supposed to renew your email settings according to the latest version. You should also know more about the security upgrade.

If your operating system is damaged, then you must set up or revise your email. If your Mac runs on OS 10.11/El Capitan or any other OS, then you will not need one.

Arrange for Apple Email for AT&T

With the help of these steps set up your email if you are doing it for the first time or on a new computer.

  1. From your Mail, go to Mail > Preferences.

2. Choose Accounts and click on + (plus sign)

3. Click  ‘Add Other Mail Account and press Continue

4. Write all details in Add a Mail Account:

  • A full name like you want to show to others
  • AT&T email: (…
  • Password – Write your password

5. Click on Create: The account will configure and come in the Accounts list

6. Shut all the preferences windows to start using your email

Update Email Settings for AT&T

If you already have your email set up, but want to renew your settings or add a mail key for security? Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Select PreferencesAccount Information
  2. Choose your mail account
  3. Select POP3or IMAP
  4. Confirm User name
  5. Enter your password or secure mail key
  6. Confirm or enter the following settings:
  • Incoming Mail Server –
  • Outgoing Mail Server –

7. In Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), choose Edit SMTP mail Server List

8. Confirm:

  • Server Name –
  • Use default ports – 25465
  • Use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) is selected.

9. Click on OK

10. Click the Advanced tab, click on confirm:

  • Make sure the SSL checkbox is selected.
  • Authenticationfield is set for Password
  • Use default ports – 25465
  1. Then, close the window

By following these steps, you may resolve your AT&T email not working on the iPhone. But, if the problem persists it can be due to numerous reasons:

Reasons for iPhone

  • Poor internet connection
  • If the phone is not updated
  • Interference from the third party
  • Less storage space

Reasons for AT&T mail account

  • Incorrect credentials
  • Compromised AT&T account
  • Fault in account settings


With these effective ways to resolve your AT&T email not working on the iPhone. But, if you face any other problem while using your ATT email on your iPhone, you must reach out to AT&T customer support to look for a solution.

Other than this, you may need to re-configure your account if you are dealing with the problem of ‘not-working’. If anyone is not able to send you, then they have to check their account settings.

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