Easy Solutions To Try Out If Comcast Email On Iphone Is Not Working

As an iPhone user, I do face certain issues from time to time especially when it comes to my internet connection. When this happens, I also face problems since the Comcast email on my iPhone is not working. Given the fact that this is something we all go through, I’m going to give you a few essential tips on how to correct this problem with your device. If there is any additional that I need to provide, I will do so depending on the solution.

Possible reasons why Comcast email on iPhone is not working

Now before we get down to the real deal, let me just brush through the possible reasons why you must be facing this problem.

  • You are using an outdated Comcast email app
  • The Comcast page is non-responsive or not loading properly
  • There is a server issue or downtime
  • The email settings are incorrect
  • Internet connectivity issues causing problems
  • Fetch settings are incorrect which is why comcast email on iphone is not working

Solutions you should try out if comcast email on iphone is not working

Server downtime

Server downtime is an unavoidable situation wherein you would need to wait it out until the server comes back up. The server can go down due to various reasons like server overload, maintenance, and so on. You can check if the server is down by going online and doing a google search. Another way is to keep on trying to log in to your mail-id. The minute the server is up, you will easily be able to access your mail.

Incorrect settings

In order to access your email through your phone, you need to ensure that the settings are correct. If the SMTP or IMAP settings are incorrect you will face issues accessing your account. For iPhone users and Im going to share the basic steps of how to check if the problem is with the settings or not.

  • Go to the Mail icon on the iPhone
  • Once the Welcome to Mail screen comes up tap on the option -Other
  • Provide your login details when you get the New Account screen
  • Ensure that the information you give is correct for verification purposes.

To check the settings if comcast email on iphone is not working you would need to

  • Select Passwords and Accounts under the Settings menu of the iPhone
  • Select Incoming Mail Server Settings from the Comcast account
  • Check if the correct settings are entered by going to the Advanced tab

For the incoming mails, the settings would be

  • Incoming Server Host Name: imap.comcast.net
  • Username: Registered Comcast email account
  • Password: registered password
  • incoming mail Server Port: 993
  • Use SSL: On
  • IMAP Path Prefix: empty
  • Authentication: Password

For the outgoing mails, the settings would be

  • Outgoing Mail Server Host Name: smtp.comcast.net
  • Username: Registered Comcast email account
  • Password: registered password
  • incoming mail Server Port: 587
  • Authentication: Password
  • Use SSL: Yes

Internet issues

Now whether it is your desktop or your mobile phone, facing internet issues is not something that is out of the ordinary. If the internet is the reason why comcast email on iphone is not working then here are a few things you can do

  • Put the phone on airplane mode for a few seconds and then switch it back to regular mode.
  • Restart the device once again by switching off the phone, taking out the sim, and placing it back again.
  • Call customer service to find out if there is a problem with the service provider itself
  • Request the technical support team to either resend the internet settings once again or make the changes manually as per their instructions.

Fetch settings are incorrect

Select Fetch New Data Line under the Passwords and Accounts menu under the Settings section.

  • You will get a choice of three values, Manual, Fetch or Push
  • Check to see if the setting is on Fetch instead of Push.

Note– If it is on Fetch, you will be asked to accept the new email and if it is on Push the new email will come into your account automatically.

The mail app is outdated

Although your Comcast app may be functional there will be times when it may not sync properly with your iPhone or iPad. In such cases, it would be advisable to check if the mail app is updated or not. The older version of the app can also be one of the reasons why Comcast email on iphone is not working. I would recommend that you check if the automatic update option is enabled or not. You can also choose to update the app manually and then try to access your email account.

Restart your device

Sometimes a simple restart can do a lot of miracles. When you restart your iPhone, it helps to fix many issues including broken data. Restarting the device will also help to rebind the internet connection.

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