Necessary Things To Check When You Can’t Receive Emails On Gmail

I get many emails during the day because of the nature of my job. As a consultant and corporate trainer, companies keep on getting in touch with me regarding their corporate training needs. The constant need of communicating makes it important that I have to stay in touch through emails. Recently, I noticed that I was facing issues and can’t receive emails on Gmail. I was not able to figure out what the real problem was. I did have plenty of options that I tried to get sorted and finally, it turned out that there was an issue with my firewall because of which I was not able to get updated emails. I’m sharing with you all the different things that I tried before I could recognize what really was the issue.

Server issues due to which you can’t receive emails on Gmail

The first and foremost problem why you may not be able to receive emails on your Gmail account is because the server is down. Just like every other email service provider, even Gmail servers can have their moments when they go down. It can be due to various factors like

  • There is server maintenance going on
  • The server is overloaded
  • Some other technical issues with the Server
  • The server is crashed

If the problem is due to a server issue, you would need to wait until the server comes back up to access your emails. To understand if the server is down, you can go online and do a search through various websites that will give you the information you need.

Lack of storage space

Every email id comes with a certain amount of storage space. Sometimes a person can’t receive emails on a Gmail account or inbox if their storage space is full or almost full. I would personally recommend that you delete all unnecessary emails and unsubscribe from receiving unwanted emails. This will help to ensure that your inbox is filled with only important emails that serve your purpose. You can even choose to block certain mail ids.

Issues with POP or IMAP settings

The POP or IMAP settings are responsible to receive emails. If there is a problem with these issues you will not receive new mails. Checking the POP or IMAP settings will help you to understand if the problem is due to the settings. Just in case the settings are incorrect; you can manually put the proper settings and save them. Restart your phone or device and then try to access your emails. If the problem still continues and you can’t receive emails on Gmail, then move over to the next solution.

Issues with the web browser – temp files

We constantly browse the internet for various reasons and every day we visit multiple websites. Every website that we visit has its own set of temporary files that is installed or saved on our local device. If there are too many temp files, then it can cause problems to log on or load our emails as well. Deleting unwanted files is another method that you can use so that you can get your updated emails.

Compatibility issues of the web browser

In another situation, you may also be facing issues with the web browser due to incompatibility. This can be due to either an older version of the browser; or, the browser itself is not compatible to run with certain websites. Updating, Uninstalling, and Reinstalling the web browser can do the trick. However, if the problem still continues, then you may want to reconsider using another browser to see if it helps or not.

Email Filters causing problems

The email filters can also be one of the reasons why you can’t receive emails on Gmail. When the filters are active, there are chances that the mails can go into a different folder. To resolve this issue, you would need to go to the settings section and delete the filters that are set. Once you do that, you can check out if you are getting updated mails by sending yourself a test mail.

Email forwarding is active

One of the features that many email service provides is called email forwarding. If this feature is active a person will still continue to get their emails on their alternate email address. This is also one of the possibilities why you can’t receive emails on Gmail. Check to see if you have activated this option by mistake, or if you forgot to turn it in after using it.

Firewall and Antivirus issues

Another reason why you can’t receive emails on Gmail is due to your Antivirus or Firewall. Many times the security software that we use tends to block or create a firewall that prevents us from getting regular updates. If this is the case, then you may want to consider turning off the software for a bit and then check it out.

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