How To Make Yahoo My As Homepage Across Different Browsers?

As a Yahoo user, I love the various services and features it offers. Apart from the fact that I use the company’s email services, I also like their search engine and prefer using it instead of Google. Since I keep on visiting the website, I decided that I wanted to make yahoo my homepage across all the browsers that I used. In this article, I will show you how you can also do the same across different browsers. Read on to find out more.

Different ways to make yahoo my homepage

How do I make yahoo my homepage while using Chrome?

  • Go to the Settings option under the Menu bar
  • Look for the Appearance section and select the Show Home button
  • You can also customize your homepage by choosing the option – Enter custom web address when you look under – The Show Home Button.
  • You can enter the following web address as well –,,,
  • Also, choose if you want to open a set of pages or open a specific page
  • IF you select Add you can add a specific address that you want and also open separate pages of different Yahoo pages.

Every time you open Google Chrome, you will find that the pages open exactly the way you have set them.

How can I make yahoo my homepage while using Internet Explorer?

  • Click on Internet Options located on the top-right corner in the form of a gear icon when you open Internet explorer.
  • Go to the General section and select Home Page in a new window
  • Type the Yahoo address that you want to open every time you launch Internet Explorer in the text box and select OK.

As soon as you complete these steps you can re-launch internet explorer once again to make sure that the changes are made accordingly.

Can I use Firefox and make yahoo mine as the homepage?

  • Select Options under the menu button after you launch Firefox
  • Choose the option- Home located in the left column
  • Look for Custom URLs under the drop-down menu section called Home Page and New Windows option
  • Type or paste the URL address in the text field to open the page of your choice and make
  • Re-launch Firefox after exiting the browser and post the changes that you make.

How to make yahoo my homepage while using Microsoft Edge?

  • Go to Settings under the Menu option when you open Microsoft Edge.
  • Look for A specific page or pages option under the option – Open Microsoft Edge with
  • To set yahoo as a homepage I enter the specific Yahoo address that I want under the space allotted.
  • I sometimes also add extra Yahoo web addresses to make things easy for me.

Making Yahoo as the home page while using Safari

  • Go to the Preferences menu after selecting Edit when you open the Safari browser.
  • You will get a drop-down menu when you choose – Safari opens with
  • To set the home page to, you would need to go to the HomePage option.
  • On the Safari toolbar, you can add the Home button so that you can click on it whenever you want to use it. To customize the toolbar, you need to
  • Choose Customize Toolbar under the View menu

On the toolbar add the home button by dragging it and placing it.

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