Official Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Account

Instagram has become a hot spot for every social media lover who wants to stay connected to the world. You can use your account for personal and professional use and get connected to the people of your interest from various parts of the world. In this article, I will show you the official ways how recover deleted Instagram account.

How to recover deleted Instagram account that is temporarily deactivated?

If you want to recover deleted Instagram account that is temporarily deleted or deactivated then you can still recover it if you want. The other terms for this type of account are temporary deleted, deactivate, and disable. Nonetheless the process of recovery still stays the same.

Instagram allows its users to deactivate their accounts for some time when they want to take a break from social media. There are no restrictions or limitations on the duration of a temporarily deactivated account. Moreover, you do not have to worry about losing your data if you choose to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. The process for this is as follows

  • Log on to the Instagram app from your smartphone
  • Enter the phone number and email address along with the password that is linked to the registered Instagram account.

Once you follow this process, you will get instant access to your account and it will be reactivated. If you do not remember your password, the reactivation process can be tricky. However, if you follow the process properly you will be able to access your account within no time.

How to recover deleted Instagram account that is deactivated permanently?

Now things are a little different when it comes to reactivating a permanent account. You can still recover your deleted Instagram account if you have accidentally deactivated it permanently.

Thankfully, from the day you put in the request for a permanent deactivation, you have until 30 days to reactivate it. Within this time, you can still reconsider your decision. However, at the end of this period, you will not be able to regain access to your account.

  • To recover your account all you need to do is
  • Log in to your account by typing the Instagram user ID and password. You will get an option that states – Keep account.
  • Click on that option to reactivate it.

If by chance you have crossed the time frame, then you will get a message that will state – Account not found. This means that you can never recover your data and the account. In this case, you would need to create a new account and start everything from scratch.

Note – If the account has been deactivated due to a violation of the Terms of Use or Instagram Community Policies, then it will get even more challenging to restore the account. In fact, the chances for this to happen are a lot less and almost next to impossible.

Are they any other ways to recover deleted Instagram accounts?

To be honest,  if you are thinking about any unofficial way to recover your deleted Instagram account then you can end up in serious trouble. There are account recovery tools available online that can help you out but honestly, I would never recommend that you do it.

Using third-party apps is not a solution because it only makes you more vulnerable to various other problems. Moreover, you really do not know if you can trust these apps or not.

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