How To Resolve The Facebook Keeps Stopping Issue

As a newbie to the virtual world, I find it amazing to see how much technology has developed. Back in the day, our social circle was limited to people close to our house or areas. If we had to send a mail, it was only through the post office and if we had to get something, well, it was a walk to the market. Recently, my grandson was telling me about this application called Facebook. Now, he did help me open the account, but I don’t know why facebook keeps stopping. Is there a particular reason behind this or do I need to change my phone?

Hi and welcome to my blog, I have seen many people asking such questions and it is to no surprise. People of all age groups access the internet and applications or websites like Facebook. Although most people do have basic technical knowledge, there are some people who find even the basics challenging. Well, to provide extended support, I would like to take you through some easy and simples steps to resolve the issue of why facebook keeps stopping.

Ways to resolve the facebook keeps stopping error

Restarting the device

Restarting the device is one of the easiest things to do. Sometimes, just a simple restart can resolve a lot of issues. The device does tend to slow down due to the constant use of various applications. Moreover, all the temporary files do get saved on the storage of our smartphones. Restarting your device not only helps in fixing minor glitches but also boosts the device.

Restarting the internet connection

There are times when our internet can play up and cause a lot of issues. Due to low internet connectivity, you will have many issues like facebook keeps stopping, it does not load properly, cannot access various services or features, and so forth. To resolve this issue, you need to restart the internet connection by switching the main modem and WI-FI router off and turning it back on for 30 seconds. It would also be advisable to check if your internet package or account is active or not.

Update the application

Now, it is one thing to download an app, but it is equally important to keep it updated. Many people often choose the Automatic update option, however, what they do not realize is that this feature may not work all the time. You can go to the play store to check and see if your application is updated or not. If it is not, then you can do it manually and then try to use it.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Application

Uninstalling and Reinstalling is one of the best ways to resolve the facebook keeps stopping issue. This process helps in fixing minor issues that can cause problems when you try to use the app. You can either uninstall the app from the main menu or go to the play store. Reinstall the app once again and then log in to your Facebook account.

Clearing the app data and cache

Now whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, temporary files will always be saved on the storage whenever we go online to access any website. The same is applicable to the smartphone application as well. You need to ensure that you clear all the junk files from your device. To clear the app data and cache through the mobile phone you need to

Go to the Android device’s setting section

Choose the Facebook app under the Apps section and open it

Select the storage option and choose if you want to Clear Cache or Clear Data. I would personally suggest you do both so that you can prevent the issue you face where facebook keeps stopping.

Freeing storage space

We all know that every device has a specific storage space. For any application to run, you have to have a certain amount of free space. If facebook keeps stopping regularly, then you need to check and see if there is enough storage space or not. Delete any unnecessary apps or data from your device to free up more space. You can also optimize the storage space by zipping the applications you do not use regularly.

Restrict the Data Usage option

The data restriction options are available on most devices. This option helps to control the data usage by a particular app by giving various permissions. If you have not given all the needed permissions to Facebook, then you can face issues while using the app. To check if there are restrictions you need to

  • First, go to the apps section under the settings menu and look for Facebook
  • Then click on the Restrict Data Usage to see if you have enabled or disabled the Mobile or Wi-Fi data option.

If it is disabled, then turn it on and then try to use the app.

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