Know The Steps If You Are Unable To Send Message In Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is the most commonly used email having a large user base. It is doing well even after cut-throat competition in the market by offering updated features and services. But, there are some issues that cause difficulty to users. If you are unable to send messages in Yahoo mail, it may affect the email transmission service. It is one of the issues that causes disturbance to the users. This stops the email transfer process because of which users are not able to send emails. 

There can betimes when users need to go through urgent emails, and you are not able to send them for several hours. Worry not, as we will tell you some of the steps that will help you solve this issue.

Are you looking for solutions to solve the Yahoo Mail not able to send emails issue? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here, we will tell you the best solutions to fix this issue.

Troubleshoot steps that you Should Use If You Are Unable to Send a Message in Yahoo Mail

  1. Make sure that problem is not occurring due to Yahoo. The servers should work properly to avoid issues that may occur while sending emails.
  2. Check if the network is having any issues or not. Due to poor connection, you may face difficulty in sending emails. You can switch to any other network that gives enough signal strength.
  3. If you are unable to send message in yahoo through the app, then possibly it may not be of the updated version. You can get it from the updated version of the play store on your device.
  4. If the email is having an attachment of more than 25MB. Then, maybe due to security reasons you may not Yahoo does not allow you to send it.
  5. Check the sent folder for email that you are trying to send. If it is there, it means email has been sent.
  6. Check the person to whom you are trying to send an email. Confirm if they have added you to the list of blocked addresses.
  7. Make sure that the address you are entering is correct
  8. Reach out to a Yahoo representative through chat or other way and tell him about the issue
  9. If you are using Yahoo with a client someone like Outlook, be sure if you have configured the correct POP/IMAP settings for the account. See if you have entered all the right details.

IMAP Settings for Yahoo Mail

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

Server: IMAP

Port: 993

SSL: Yes, it is required

Outgoing mail server(SMTP)


Port: 465

SSL: Yes, it is needed

Details to Login

Email: Complete email address

Password: Yahoo password

Authentication: Yes

If you do not get results with the steps listed above to fix the issue of Yahoo unable to send emails, then you can try another way. To avoid this issue of not sending emails, you can take backup of your Yahoo inbox as a backup.

You can take the data of the whole Yahoo mailbox data with the help of Cigati Yahoo Email Backup Software. Other than this, it can transfer emails to other email clients without losing any data.


Yahoo is widely used by different people and it is no wonder that users may face issues with it. There may be chances that user may be unable to send messages in yahoo email. If you are still wondering how to send messages in a yahoo email, then you must take help from video tutorial from YouTube. It will be very helpful as you will be able to see steps and understand better. All you need to do is to go to YouTube and type how to fix the issue if you are unable to send message in yahoo email and you will get the desired result

If you are unable to send message in Yahoo email, the issue can be solved by trying tips listed above. This situation may occur due to a number of reasons and you should know the solutions. If you are still having such issues, then you may have backup for yahoo email data with the help of a third-party tool of yahoo email.

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