Trouble Shooting Steps If Yahoo Email Not Receiving Emails

Recently I had problems with my Yahoo mail as I was not receiving new emails. I did a search online to find out why I’m going through such a problem. If your yahoo email is not receiving emails then here are a few things you can do.

Factors that can result in yahoo email not receiving emails

  • The main server is down due to an overload, maintenance, or server problem
  • You are facing certain issues with your Yahoo account
  • The filters you have set are incorrect
  • There are some system errors that need to be fixed
  • You have turned on the Email forwarding option
  • The block settings are incorrect
  • The browser you are using is either outdated or has some other issues

Steps to fix the yahoo email not receiving emails issues

Check if the internet is working on not

Checking the internet connection is the first thing that you should do just in case you are facing yahoo email not receiving emails issues. If your internet connection is not active, slow, or if you are facing any other issues, then it is possible that your inbox will not be updated. If everything is fine with your net option, move on to the next step.

Confirm the Status of the Yahoo Server

Sometimes the issue may not be due to an internet problem or settings. You can also face issues when you are not able to connect to the server. The next step to check why am I not receiving yahoo mail emails is to confirm if the server is up or down. You can do that by logging on to various websites that will tell you if there is downtime with the Yahoo mail server or not. Just in case there is a problem, you would need to wait until the server is up. However, if that is not the case, then move further to check the browser.

Browser optimization for yahoo email not receiving emails

Our browser is used for various purposes including checking our emails. Due to the constant use, there are various temp files that are created so that we can access various websites. These files AKA caches and cookies are often stored and use up unnecessary space. You can optimize your browser by clearing off these unnecessary files from the history and then try to use log in to your Yahoo account.

Take a look at the Spam Folder

Every service provider offers the spam folder option that helps to keep unwanted emails flooding your inbox. It is always advisable to check the Spam Folder just to make sure that no important email lands up there by mistake. This is one of the most common issues that many people face. If you do happen to see an important email inside this folder, make sure that you mark it – Not Spam. It is also advisable to clear the spam folder regularly if you do not want to wait for the speculated time period for automatic deletion.

Scan the Address list of blocked email addresses

Blocking emails is not a new thing and almost everybody does it. There are times when by mistake we may end up blocking an important email account. By checking this list you will get to know if any important email address is blocked or not.

Try out a test email from another account

Another way to check if you are facing a genuine problem would be to send a test email. You can ask a friend to do it for you or send an email to yourself from your alternative email address. Just in case you still do not get it, then try out the next step.

Make sure Email forwarding is not active

Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to receive emails from another account. If you have activated this option then there are chances that your emails are being forwarded to the alternate mail ID. If this is active, you may want to consider switching it off. Just in case you want to keep that on, then recheck the alternative email ID to ensure that the details are correct.

Recheck the yahoo email not receiving emails filter options

The whole concept of email filters is to make it easy for you to locate emails sent by a particular mail ID. Sometimes the filter option can bring trouble with specific mail IDs. If there is no problem with the spam or email forwarding option, then you may want to reconsider checking the filter option to see if there is a particular filter specification that you have set.

Recheck the Reply-to address

The Reply-to option is generally the same as the email address that you send the mail from. However, if there is a different mail ID, then you would need to recheck the reply-to mail ID to ensure it is correct. If you want you can also add another mail ID or a new account so that you can have access to your mails.

Configuration issues and resolutions

The settings can also be one of the reasons why yahoo emails do not receive emails. In such cases, I would recommend that you check the settings to see if everything is correct or not. If there is a problem with the settings, then make the changes and try again.

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