Top Solutions For Facebook App Not Working Android

We cannot deny that most of us are active on various social media platforms for various reasons. While some use these platforms for professional networking, others may use social media to stay connected to loved ones. For me personally, it is a mix of professional and personal needs. Facebook is one of my favorite platforms that I access multiple times a day. As an avid user, I love to browse various posts of interest. I have a lot of fun logging into the app but I get equally frustrated when I face the facebook app is not working on an android error message. If you have been facing the same issue, first let us look at the possible reasons why this problem is occurring.

Possible reasons why facebook app is not working on android

Whenever you use any application, it is natural that you may face various kinds of issues. The same is applicable to Facebook as well. While no or slow internet connectivity, lack of storage space, and other such problems could be some of the causes. Let us look at some of the other problems that people may face

  • Facebook app crashes regularly
  • The app is not responding or opening at all
  • Facebook app new feed refreshing issues
  • Problems while uploading images or videos
  • You do not get notifications at all or on time
  • The app does not work properly at all

Troubleshooting solutions if facebook app is not working on android

Check if the Facebook server is down

If Facebook’s main server is down you may face issues using the app. Sometimes the server may be under maintenance or could have an outage. To find out if the problem is due to a server issue you can do a search on the internet through your search engine to find out if there is a downtime.

The Application is not updated

Facebook keeps on sending new updates to enhance its security measures. These updates also come with some new or old bug fixes. You will face issues if your app is not updated regularly. Log on to the play store to check and see if the application is updated or not. Just in case it is not, then update the application manually and then try to open the application. Even after this if the problem still continues go on to the next step.

Facebook app uninstall and reinstall

If your app is updated and you are still facing the same issue then it would be advisable to uninstall and reinstall the application. This process helps to fix minor issues and also helps to prevent frequent crashes. Go to the Playstore and uninstall as well as reinstall the Facebook App from there itself.

Clear Facebook App Data and Cache

Many people face issues with their Facebook app because of the accumulation of unnecessary data and cache. This accumulation can cause various issues including problems like facebook app is not working on android. To clear the data and cache go to

  • Settings on the mobile phone and select the Apps section
  • Look for Facebook and choose Storage
  • Choose either Clear Data or Clear Cache option

Check to you have enabled Facebook Notifications

There will be times when you may not get Facebook notifications. If you are facing this issue regularly, then you should check and see if Facebook notifications are enabled or not.  To check this out follow the procedure mentioned below

  • Go to Settings on your mobile phone and look for Apps
  • Open Facebook and see if the notifications are enabled or not.

Facebook App resetting

If you are still facing facebook app that is not working on android issues after trying all the solutions mentioned above, then you can try to reset the app. App reset helps to fix issues as well as restore the default settings. To reset the app, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Go to the mobile device setting section and look out for the app section
  • Open the Facebook app and choose the option – Force Stop

Once you have completed this step, they restart the app and see if it is working or not. Just in case the problem still continues follow the next step.

Rebooting the device

When all the solutions mentioned above have not worked, then the last resort to resolve facebook app is not working on the android issue is to reboot the device. This is a quick fix that resolves most issues including frequent crashes. To restart your mobile device, you need to press the power button for a long time and select the restart or reboot option. Once your mobile restarts, then open the app and see if it is working fine.

A final thought

If you are still facing issues with the App, then I would suggest that you report it the problem through the Help center via the browser.  You can let the concerned team know what exactly is going on wait for a response from their end.

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