Easy Quick Fix Guide When Aol Email Is Not Working On Iphone

Our mobile phone is no longer restricted to sending and receiving messages or answering calls. Today, this hand-held device has evolved to give us much more convenience and accessibility. People even access their work and personal emails through their phones. If you have recently added your AOL email and are facing issues, then this guide will provide the information you need to resolve your AOL email is not working on iPhone.

Switch to Airplane mode

Sometimes you may not be able to send or receive mails or messages due to a data-related problem. You can fix this issue by switching from normal to airplane mode to restart the net data. To do that you would need to

  • Choose the Airplane option under the iPhone Settings menu
  • Enable the Airplane mode for a few seconds and then disable it
  • Then try to log on to the AOL mail account to check if this has helped you.

Find out if it’s a server related issue

Even after switching to the Airplane mode if the AOL email is not working on iPhone, I would recommend you to check if there is a downtime. If there is a downtime, then you would need to wait it out and then try logging in to your account.  To check if it’s a server related issue you can

  • Check if the AOL server is down either through the browser by doing a search or through websites like downdetecotor.com
  • Call customer service to find out if there is a problem from the company’s end or if it is a problem with your device.

Resetting the Network Settings

Just in case there is no server downtime, you can try to reset the network settings to help you fix the problem. For that, you would need to

  • Go to the iPhone Settings menu
  • Select General settings
  • Choose the option that says Reset
  • Select the option – Network reset
  • Restart your mobile device (optional)
  • Try logging in to your AOL account

Removal and Re-adding the AOL mail ID

Another way to resolve your AOL email is not working on the iPhone issue is by removing and re-adding your log-in details. Readding your credentials will help to ensure that you have put the correct information. Let us look at the removal and re-adding process of your AOL account

  • AOL account removal procedure
  1. First, open the settings menu
  2. Then choose the Account and Password option
  3. Choose the AOL account that needs to be removed
  4. You will be redirected to a new page that will show you the AOL account details
  5. Select the option – Delete Account
  6. Restart the mobile (optional) to ensure that the account removal process is completed)
  • AOL re-adding procedure if AOL email is not working on iPhone
  1. First, open the Settings menu
  2. Then go to Account and Password
  3. Choose the Settings option
  4. Select the option- Add account
  5. From the list choose AOL
  6. Fill in your AOL mail ID and password details
  7. Log in to your account

Check to see if you have enabled the Option Fetch New Data

You need to check if the Fetch New Data option is enabled or not if you are facing issues where AOL email is not working on the phone or it is not updating automatically. To access your AOL account, you need to ensure that you are connected to the internet. Without a good internet connection, the account does not sync accordingly. To check the settings and make changes you would need to

  • Choose the Fetch New Data under the Accounts and Password sub-menu under the Settings option
  • For automatic updates and to get new data you need to turn the push button on.
  • You can also schedule the settings of when you would like to Fetch New Data.

How to fix AOL email when it is not working on iPhone while using AOL App

Just like every other service provider, even AOL has its own app that its users can use. If you are trying to access your e-mail through the app and you are facing issues then these quick tips may help you resolve your issue.

  • Close and exit all the background apps including the AOL mail app and they try to reopen the app again
  • Make sure that the iOS system, software, and the AOL Mail app is updated regularly due to which you may face AOL email is not working on iPhone
  • Remove the temp files on your phone to free space including the data and cache information of your AOL mail app
  • Uninstall and Re-install the AOL mail app just in case you are not able to update the app, the app keeps crashing or you are facing various other App issues.
  • Restarting your device may also help in refreshing the operating system. It will also help in fixing issues related to device performance and internet connectivity.

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