A Quick Fix Guide If Youtube Won’t Play Video

The internet is the main hub of entertainment with online streaming apps and websites. YouTube is one of the most popular websites that millions of people visit every minute. It is home to a vast collection of videos under various categories. From how-to’s to tarot, music, movies, and lots more, YouTube is the one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. There will be times when youtube won’t play video, in this case, you can try out some quick fixes that are mentioned in this guide.

Reasons why youtube won’t play video

  • Poor internet connectivity

You need to have a strong internet connection when you are browsing online. Poor internet connectivity means that either the video will take time to buffer or it may not load.

  • Problems with the browser

If there is a problem with the browser, you will face issues accessing any website including YouTube. Browser-related issues can also be due to an incompatible or outdated app. If the browser is the issue, then try using another browser to see if you are still facing the same issue or not.

  • Problem with App

You may also face issues with YouTube if there is a problem with the app. In this case, I would advise you to first close and restart the app as well as go to the settings and clear the memory data. Also, check to see if the app is updated or not.

  • The issue with the device

Low storage space, unnecessary files, outdated or corrupted operating systems, and physical damage to the device’s chips are just some of the many issues that may happen due to an issue with the device. Due to constant use and the way we handle our devices, it can be possible that there could be problems with the device itself.

Quick fixes to try if youtube won’t play video

Restarting the device

Restarting the device is the first thing that you should do if youtube won’t play video. Sometimes a simple restart can help resolve many technical glitches and issues. It also helps to close all the applications that are running in the background.

Apart from that, restarting the device also helps to free memory space. Once you have restarted the device, open the app and then see if the video is working or not. If the problem still continues, move on to the next step.

Checking internet connectivity

The next thing I always do whenever I have any problem connecting is that I check the internet connection. Without a stable internet connection, you will not be able to access anything that works online. Check to see if the internet connection is active, the device is working properly and there is no physical damage to the internet cable.

If everything is fine from your end, you can then call the internet service provider to find out if everything is fine from their end or not. Also, reverify the settings that you have to ensure that it is correct. If there is nothing wrong ask them to send someone across.

Clear browsing history and caches

After ensuring that there is nothing wrong with the internet connection, the next thing that I check is the browser. Sometimes the browser that you may be using may not be compatible. It can also have other issues due to which youtube won’t play videos.

First refresh the page to see if it works, if it still does not then clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history. If this does not help uninstall and re-installing the browser and then try watching the video once again.

Updating YouTube app

Now if there is no problem with the internet or the browser, the next you would need to see is if there is a problem with the app. Sometimes youtube won’t play videos if the app is outdated or if there is a problem with the .exe file. First, update the app and then try playing the video.

Sometimes it can happen that the app files can either get corrupted or in some cases the files may be missing as well, if the problem still continues, uninstall and re-install the app. This should help resolve the problem; however if it does not then move on to the next step.

Updating the OS

Just like how it is important to update the apps, similarly, it is also important to update the operating system. This becomes an important process especially since the developers release new and updated versions. To update the operating system, you would need to go to the Settings menu and go to Systems Updates.

Check to see if there is any new update or if the operating system is already updated. If the new update is not downloaded, then download the app, install it and restart the device once again. This should resolve the issue – youtube won’t play videos. If it still does not do the trick, take it to a service center and reinstall the operating system once again. Before that take a backup so that you do not lose any important data.

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