How To Setup Comcast POP3 Settings In Outlook 2007?

The best thing about Outlook is that you can add various email accounts and even manage them with ease. It supports all services like Gmail, Comcast, and Gmail. Here, I will tell you how to set up Comcast pop3 settings on outlook 2007.

If the email is set up as a POP3 account, then you can have an outlook to save an email copy in the Comcast webmail before downloading it into outlook. You can click on this link to set up outlook to get a copy of the email on the server.

If you get new messages from a POP3account by default, the messages will be deleted from the POP3 server and then will be saved on the desktop. As you will not find the message on the POP3 server, you will not see it when you connect it from another desktop.

By making changes in the settings, you can select if the messages are removed once they’re saved.

  1. While connecting to the POP3server from the computer, the emails are saved to Outlook.
  2. If you connect from another desktop, the emails are saved to Outlook.
  3. If you are connecting from your third desktop, the emails are saved to Outlook and are removed from the server. A command will be sent from Outlook to POP3 server telling it to remove saved messages. Later on, the emails from the POP3 mail server will not be saved on the computer.

There is no way in Outlook to send emails to the webmail if the account is a POP3 account. You may try contacting ISP to check if the email is set up as an IMAP account. You can set up the email as IMAP in outlook and by dragging and dropping the emails in IMAP inbox which later on synchronizes the email with server.

For Outlook 2007

The email settings in Comcast for Outlook 2007 look different. Hence, you need to configure it by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Outlook and select ‘Tools’. Then, press ‘Account settings’
  2. Click on ‘Accounts’ and then select Email and then click ‘New’
  3. Select Comcast and then press POP3
  4. Choose ‘Next’ and then press ‘Manual setup’, then select ‘Next’ one more time
  5. Select IMAP or POP3
  6. Choose a username with all the correct information
  7. Mention the Comcast password and press ‘remember password’ for saving it
  8. Click on ‘Ok’
  9. Select finish and start your device again

That is it! By following these steps you can set up Comcast POP3 settings in Outlook 2007. If you are still wondering how to set up Comcast POP settings, then you may take help from a video tutorial from Youtube. It will be much helpful as you will be able to see steps and even memorize it for later. This will eventually help you in knowing things better without wasting much of your time. All you need to do is to go to youtube and type how to set up comcast POP settings in Outlook 2007and you will have your thing sorted.

How You Can Configure Outlook 2007

1. Go to Outlook

2. Select ‘tools’ and press ‘Account settings’

  1. Click on ‘Email’, then select ‘New’
  2. You will get an option to choose email service, then choose ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, and IMAP.
  3. Then, select the option to configure server settings. Then, click Next

5. Select Internet e-mail and then press ‘Next’

  1. Give all the information, like this …
  2. You can see a drop-down menu of account settings and choose IMAP. Now enter and in the SMTP section, write

8. Write your username that is seen on the left side of @ in the email

  1. Write your Comcast password in the password section
  2. See the ‘Remember password’ text if you do not want to enter it after you access your email.
  3. Select ‘More Settings’ and go to ‘outgoing server’

12. Select the box that asks for SMTP authentication. Select the radio button for the same settings as the incoming mail server is chosen. Then, click ‘Next’

  1. Select Advanced tab
  2. Choose SSL from the drop-down menu and use it for encrypted connection

15. Then press TLS from the drop-down menu and use it for encrypted connection

16. Select OK. Then, press ‘Next. You will now see the option of ‘Finish and select ‘Close’

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