Why I Can’t Get Aol Mail And How Do I Resolve The Issue?

Recently I was faced with an issue wherein I was not able to send emails from my AOL account. I was trying to figure out the reason why I can’t get AOL mail automatically and what was the actual problem. Although it took time, I did manage to get to the root cause of the problem. Let me share with you the experience that I had and the various solutions that I tried out before I managed to resolve my issue,

Why I can’t get AOL mail updates?

Well, this is one of the most common questions that many people ask especially when they are not aware of many technicalities. If you having issues with receiving automatic updates of your email then you would need to understand what the possible issues could be. In this section, I’m going to highlight some of the possible reasons why this can happen.

  • You have uploaded an attachment that is too large or has maxed out the size limit
  • There are lots of spam emails sent from your email ID because of which your account is blocked.
  • You have typed an incorrect or invalid email ID due to which the mail has bounced back.
  • The SMTP settings on your mobile device or outlook are incorrect because of which you are not able to send or receive mails
  • Your email ID is blocked by the recipient due to which you cannot send any emails to them.

How to resolve the issues because of which you can’t get AOL mail?

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons why you are not able to get your AOL mails, I will now take you through some easy solutions of how you can fix the problem considering you can’t get AOL mail. I would suggest you try out each solution to identify where the problem is so that you are aware of how to resolve things in the future.

Resetting the device/computer

When we use our device or computer regularly, the RAM can get overloaded with unnecessary files. Every time you restart your device/computer, it helps to delete the unnecessary files located on the RAM. This step also helps to release the used space so that it can function properly. To do that you would need to

  • For computers
  • First, save any work that you are working on
  • Go to the menu and click on SHUT DOWN
  • Choose the RESTART option
  • Open the browser and log in to your AOL account
  • Send yourself a test mail or ask a friend to send a mail to you
  • For mobile devices
  • Switch off the mobile phone by either tapping on the RESTART option
  • Wait until the phone is ready so before accessing the outlook or mail app
  • Login to your AOL account and send yourself a test mail

Make sure you have not surpassed the Email sending limit

Sometimes I have to answer so many emails in a day that I surpass the email sending limit. This is also one of the reasons why I can’t get AOL mail automatically. This sort of issue happens especially in the case when you send bulk mails like marketing emails, promotional letters, newsletters, and so forth. Whenever you surpass the limit, you will face issues or problems sending additional emails.

Check the browser settings and version

If you are using an incompatible or outdated browser, then it is possible that you will have issues with sending and receiving emails. In one of the situations that I faced, I realized that I can’t get aol mail because of the obstructions caused by an outdated version or incorrect browser settings. You would also need to clear the temporary files like cookies and caches so that your email account can world properly. This is also one of the most effective methods of browser optimization.

Disabling Antivirus and Firewall Software

If you are still facing issues and are unable to send or receive emails then you would need to check the antivirus and firewall software. Sometimes the pop-blocking feature may be disabled through the software especially if it is not on the allowed list. Security software does have a tendency to restrict the sending or receiving of files. By temporarily disabling it you can try to send out an email to see if it helps or not.

Check SMTP settings if you can’t get aol mail

If you are using Outlook to access your mail then there could be chances that you may face issues like sending or receiving emails. Many a time, the settings of third-party applications have to be customized so that you can use your email account. Since the SMTP server is used to send mails out, you need to ensure that the settings are correct. While checking to ensure that you have the following settings

SMTP settings for POP3

  • Protocol- POP3
  • Server Settings- Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.aol.com
  • Port Settings- SMTP-465-SSL

SMTP settings for IMAP

  • Protocol- POP3
  • Server Settings- Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.aol.com
  • Port Settings- SMTP-465-SSL

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