Solutions For The Question – Why Is My Facebook Not Responding??

There is no denying that Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in today’s world. I personally spend a lot of time on Facebook to connect to my friends and families as well as family members. I find it one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with the people I care about even though I do not have much time to talk to them regularly. Nonetheless, there are times when to face a lot of issues because Facebook does not respond properly. If you are looking for the answers to why is my facebook not responding? then this guide is for you. Read on to find out the different reasons behind such a problem.

Facebook not responding while using a web browser

There will be times when Facebook will not respond or load properly if you are using a web browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. to resolve this issue you would need to know the question – why is my facebook not responding?

  • Update the browser

The browser is automatically updated regularly there may be times when this action may not be carried out. The solution on why is my facebook not responding? on this front, it is to update your browser manually.

  • Clearing unnecessary browser data

Another reason for the question- why is my facebook not responding?? is because there are possibilities that the browser data is not clear properly. The cookies and caches can interfere with the performance of the browser resulting in issues of logging on to a particular website. All you have very good internet connectivity the unnecessary data will result to slow loading issues.

  • Using another Browser

This is something that I find very interesting that although I use Google Chrome most of the time, I still face loading issues. Using another Browser is one of the best ways to resolve this issue.

  • Removing third-party plug-ins or applications

Sometimes Facebook may not respond or load if there are too many plug-ins’ third-party applications installed. The solution for the question why is my facebook not responding? Is to uninstall the unnecessary applications or plugins that can interfere with the loading of various applications including Facebook.

The application is not responding

Now if you are looking for a solution why is my facebook not responding?  on your iPhone or Android device then here are some solutions for you.

  • Check the storage availability

Applications on the device need a certain amount of storage space in order for them to run properly. If your device is running low on storage space you may need to consider deleting unimportant photos or files. Once you release some of the memory you can try opening the Facebook application again. If the problems still persist, move on to the next solution.

  • Updating the application

Every application on the mobile device has to be updated regularly. Sometimes Facebook may not respond or work properly if the application is not updated. Go to the Apple or Google Play store to check if you update the application manually or not. If your Facebook is updated and still not working then move on to the next solution

  • Check the internet connectivity

Sometimes there may be no or slow internet connectivity especially if you are using it for a long time. A slow internet connectivity results in various loading issues as well. Restart your router and Wi-Fi once again so that you get a faster internet speed.

  • Restarting the application

Once you have restarted the internet you can again try to log on to the application. Just in case there is a longer response time then it would be advisable to restart the application. Also, checking and seeing how many applicants are running in the background can result in a slow loading process.

  • Delete the App Cache

Just like the internet browser, there are temporary files that are generated for the application to run. If you do not delete these unnecessary files it can result in loading issues. Deleting the app’s cache regularly will help to prevent responding, crashing, or freezing issues.

  • Restart your device after logging out

Once you have followed all the abo-mentioned solutions, I would recommend that you first log out from your Facebook account and then restart your device. This solution is beneficial as once you restart your device all the unnecessary and temporary files are deleted completely. If even then the application is not working, move on to the next solution

  • Updating the iOS or Android operating system

Another reason for the question – why is my facebook not responding?  is because sometimes the phone’s operating system may not be updated. In this case, I first go ahead and check out if the operating system is updated or not. If it is not updated, then I do it manually. To check this information, you would need to go to the settings menu and look out for the About the device option.

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