Upscale Your Business With Messenger

Recently, communication has seen a significant change. We have seen messaging apps winning the game among Facebook messenger is widely used by everyone. According to the source, businesses swap nearly 20 billion messages on Messenger.  Messaging is the most preferred way to reach out to anyone when it comes to customer service.

In this article, we will tell you how to grow your business with the messenger. A lot of businesses use messenger to increase results throughout the journey.

Understanding Facebook Messenger

Nearly 1.3 billion people use Messenger to grow their business and stay connected with their family and friends. This platform can support text messages, video, and voice call that includes video call in the group. To personalize the experience with certain themes, stickers, and custom reactions. It is a famous chancel for customer service where brands can have a presence on Facebook. Businesses use it for answering questions as an advertising channel. Anyone who is on Facebook and has an internet connection can use messenger.

How Business with Messenger is Used?

Before starting it to promote a brand, you first need to install Facebook messenger. Take a look at these steps and how to use messenger for business.

  • Choose a username: Have a username for the Facebook page that will be the same for messenger. It must be 5 characters long and that includes letters, numbers, and periods.
  • Allow messaging: Go to settings. Then, go to general and select ‘Edit’. After selecting who can contact you privately. You can then ‘Save changes’
  • Arrange saved messages: Set up instant replies that can be replied to when a new message is sent to you.
  • Control response time: Lesser time is always better if you want to get more viewers to reach out to you.

Tips to use Facebook Messenger for Business

Once messenger is ready, you can use it to manage your business by following some of the tips:

  • Use messenger codes: These codes allow users to connect with businesses. The codes can be seen as the profile picture of the business page where you can see the circle of dots and dashes. You will find the messenger code from the messages tab. Go to the inbox and select the information icon.
  • Messager links: This is another tool that allows you to begin a conversation through the page. If the code is big, then you can use it on the website whenever you need it.
  • Use ‘Send message’: The ‘send message’ call-to-action(CTA) is used to enable local customers to know more about the business. These ads are one of the types of Facebook ads that are used to make any time from the Facebook page. In this way, you can reach out to the people in your area.
  • Provide customer care: If customers have queried how will they reach out to you? They can post their queries, questions, and comments on the page to answer. You need to assess questions that have to be answered in private messages.
  • Offering customer service is an effective way to deal with customers. This allows smooth communication by authorizing someone to answer all messages in private during working hours.
  • Queries that need personal information should be answered personally. Customers can post comments and questions on the page. But you need to check which questions have to be answered.
  • Another method is to have chatbots. This allows you to automate every piece of information and customer service.
  • Share location: It makes it easier to conduct offline meetings with clients. You can ask people to share their location so that they know where to meet you.
  • Use dropbox integration: To have an easy conversation with colleagues, you can add Dropbox to the chat. This can be done in the following ways:
  • Install dropbox
  • Touch the three-dot icon and select ‘Dropbox’
  • Choose the file.
  • Personalize a lot
  • Be particular with 24 hours window
  • Use send message button
  • Try ads for Facebook messenger
  • Create a Facebook messenger bot

There are also certain tools for Facebook Messenger that help in growing business. Based on customer service strategies, you may need social media tools. They are as follows:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sparkcentral

Advantages of Using Facebook Messenger

Using business with messenger has some of the benefits:

  • Offer enhanced customer service
  • Create trust in your brand
  • Create high leads
  • Intent to purchase
  • Keep sensitive issues private

How to set up Facebook Messenger For Business

Every business has access to messenger.

Here is how you can know to set up a business with messenger:

  • Messenger is enabled
  • Have a Facebook messenger link and username
  • Add an option ‘send message’ to the page
  • Write a messenger greeting
  • Use instant reply
  • Make frequently asked questions
  • Create and schedule ‘away messages’

How Facebook messenger helps businesses

  • Eases transactions
  • Get customers
  • Improve awareness
  • Communicate with your customers


Facebook messenger is one of the most effective tools of Facebook marketing. There are a lot of better features coming from Facebook. You must know how to use this messaging app and make the most of it for your business.

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