Alternatives To Consider Now That Mangastream Is Gone

Diehard fans are devastated now that mangastream is gone, this was one popular website for novel and comic lovers that got people addicted to their collection. The website’s overall concept demonstrated the way Japan looked during the 19th century.

When the news hit the headline that Manga Stream was going down, it sent a shock wave through its fans. This was a website that satisfied the growing thirst that Manga fans had for their collection. For those who are not aware of the website or are looking for alternatives, this article is meant for you.

What is Mangastream?

Mangastream was one of the online platforms that offered various Manga Comic genres. You could find sci-fi, action, romance, and other such comics under one roof. It was an online platform for comics that people could read for free. The language translator feature allowed people to read their favorite comics in German, Italian, English, French, and other languages as well.

The growing popularity of Mangastream took the website to new heights as people had unlimited access to all their favorite comics. It ruled the internet for more than a decade before it came to a halt. That leads to the next section of the article which will provide some answers that you would need to know now that mangastream is gone.

Is mangastream gone forever?

Fans are still questioning if Mangastream is down permanently or temporarily. Whenever people tried to log on to the website, they would get an error message stating that the server could not be found. Initially, people thought it was a temporary glitch and there were issues with the servers. However, people slowly started getting worried that it was not temporarily but permanently down.

Why was mangastream is gone?

The website managing team has not released any official statement as to why Mangastream was taken down so abruptly. The entire motive of this website was to provide a safe and legal method for Manga lovers. The website wanted to be a genuine source and that could have been one of the main reasons why the website was taken down.

Another reason for the end of the website was that the website even became a scanlation website because it offered Manga comics that were translated into other languages. Even the fans edited the scans by including captions.

What are the legal alternatives now that mangastream is gone?

Now that Mangastream is no longer operational, fans are looking around for legal alternatives that they can consider. Here are a few recommendations that I have tried out personally and I love their collection.

Shonen Jump

Known to be the most popular and oldest website, it uploads Manga Magazines on a weekly basis. There is a subscription fee of $1.99 a month wherein a person automatically can access different genres of Manga comics.

Comic Walker

The next name on the list of legal alternatives to Mangastream is Comic Walker. This website is legal and has a wide collection of Manga comics. In Japan, Kadokawa is said to be one of the biggest Manga publishers and Comic Walker is the name of the website that they own.


For people who enjoy manga and anime comics, Crunchyroll is the place to go. For a nominal monthly subscription of $7 a person can enjoy ad-free reading of various genres of manga and anime titles and series.

Mirror websites now that mangastream is gone

For people who are looking for Mangastream mirror website recommendations, here are some suggestions. Just like above, I have personally tried out these websites and I do like the collection that they offer.

Manga Owl

Now that mangastream is gone, Manga Owl is a website that is equally popular for Manga Comic lovers. It has a user-friendly interface and a search option to make it easy for a person to locate a particular Manga comic. The website is updated regularly and offers an ad-free experience. Apart from that, there is a discussion forum where co-readers can discuss anything and everything.


TenManga is the next name on the list of Mirror websites like Mangastream which offers more than 55 genres under one roof. It also comes with loads of features like the Surprise section for people who do not know what they want to read. It is an ad-free website with a user-friendly interface. If you want to know which comics they have finished, they can go to the Completed section.


MangaHere is the next best alternative to Mangastream and is also another popular website. It not only looks eye-catching but also has a great collection of comic books from various genres. You can also get to read Chinese, European, Hong Kong, and Korean Manga apart from the Japanese versions. IT also has the latest update category and Manga News and Spoilers for discussion.

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