Dying In The Digital Era: Know How To Memorialize A Facebook Page

Facebook memories hold a special memory in everyone’s heart. You keep posting pictures and posts and they are refreshed in your memory every year. But, has this thought ever come to your mind what happens to your account when you are no more. Nobody would ever think that way. However, Facebook has the policy to memorialize a facebook page of an individual who is no longer alive.

Memorializing a facebook page is a method that keeps the account active if an individual is no more. The Facebook name remains as it is, memorialization alters it to ‘Remembering’ along with the deceased’s name. This makes it clear to the audience that the account’s owner has passed away to his or her family and friends.

How you can Memorialize a facebook page?

There is no particular method to memorialize a facebook page. But, once a facebook page is memorialized no one can access it. The pages will be there but there will be no recent activity.

  • Inform yourself about memorialization
  • Lookup for memorialization settings
  • Opt for a legacy contact
  • Clean up the Facebook page
  • Set up a legacy contact
  • Request memorialization on someone else’s behalf

You may need to fill out a form by going to the ‘help’ section and requesting Facebook to make the account memorialized. After the approval from Facebook, the account is restricted only to friends and confidential information may be removed. The profile will be very much active so that acquaintances may post and pay condolence.

The word ‘Remembering’ will be put before the deceased’s account name. The account will not be highlighted in the Facebook ad and no reminders will be given on the deceased’s birthday. This also avoids hacking of the account as such types of accounts cannot be logged in at any moment.

How to Set up a Legacy Contact?

Legacy contacts are among those by the deceased’s before his or her death. It can be any member of the family or friend who can manage their account. Some of the legacy contacts are:

  • You are allowed to pin a post at the top of the deceased’s Facebook timeline. They can also save an archive of the user’s pictures, posts, and profile information.
  • You are not supposed to access the deceased’s account and go through their personal information.

Some of the steps to have a legacy contact are:

  • Go to your Facebook account
  • In the ‘Security’ header opt ‘Legacy contact’
  • Select ‘Edit’, write your friend’s or family member’s name and then click on ‘Add’
  • After informing the selected person they will have the right to ask Facebook to memorialize the deceased’s account.
  • After this, if you want to save the copy of the account that comes in Data Archive. Click the checkbox, then choose close.

If someone has died without having a legacy contact, you can always ask Facebook to have their account memorialized. Facebook realizes the significance of the deceased’s profile for his or her family.

Facebook gives a request but whosoever is taking ownership need to be the deceased’s, family member. They can fill out the form to make sure memorialization happens timely.

How can I report on Facebook that the deceased’s account has to be memorialized?

Here is an example:

It is unbearable to know about your loss and we will make sure that this report is reviewed. We would like to inform you that we have lesser people who can review reports due to the ongoing pandemic. It may take more time to delete the account that you have requested.

With a heavy heart, we are sending condolences for your huge loss.

Can I Delete a Memorialized Account?

A close relative of the deceased can request Facebook to delete his or her profile. But, for this, you need to offer complete details of the deceased such as full name, email, and timeline’s URL. You will also be needing proof that you are an immediate relative by presenting the deceased’s birth record, death certificate, and other important documents.

This may be rare if the user has some information about memorialization. The deceased may write in the will that who can access the information present in the account. Whoever has been chosen is allowed to save the information after giving prior court orders.

Final Thoughts

If you want to memorialize a facebook page, it may give you a space for people in your social network. This way you keep the memory of the deceased alive. You can also delete their account. Before memorializing a deceased’s account you must keep the digital photographs safe.

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